Monday, August 31, 2015

A hunter's elevator speech

If you had less than a minute to tell a stranger what drives your love of hunting, fishing and wild places, what would you say?
Here is what a small group of us in the Eastern Chapter of the Backcountry Hunter's and Angler's came up with.

We unite avid outdoors people who enjoy getting off the trail, and who hunt and fish following strong conservation ethics.

Grounded in the views of Aldo Leopold and Theodore Roosevelt, we value the full range of wild flora and fauna, from apex predators to invertebrates. We believe that what we do as hunters and anglers must put  the good of the environment first. We are vocal about conservation policy, speaking up for wildlife and wild places. We look for common ground where hunters, anglers, and environmentalists can work together.

Whether we hunt and fish in the West, the East, or both, we value the “backcountry ideal”—the quiet and solitude of wild places near and far, large and small. We see ourselves as full participants in the natural world and enjoy being immersed in it.

Firmly embracing ethical hunting and fishing practices, we honor the animals and fish we pursue. We voluntarily limit our use of off-road vehicles and other gadgets, and also limit our take.
From wild places across the nation to Washington, DC, we are boots-on-the-ground people. We make a difference by caring and by being involved.


  1. I actually did this today but mostly about why we hunt today. I am in Italy at a guest house for a few days and spoke to my hosts which one is vegetarian and the other is anti hunting about the core values of hunting today. The journey is the main focus of why we hunt and fish. What comes during the journey is why we fish and hunt. The stories of the good, the bad, the heart aches, the excitement, the joy, and so much more. Hunting and fishing can truly be an emotional roller coaster. With all these emotions, the best place to experience them is with your loved ones in these wild places in the outdoors.

  2. "We see ourselves as full participants in the natural world and enjoy being immersed in it." - This really captures it. Caring for the environment and everything in it can take so many forms. Ethical hunting is one of them.

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